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Wandering Kind Mexico

KIND's very own Set Designer & wandering friend, Harriet Fernandes shares her heavenly experience and beautiful images of Mexico with us. We can almost taste the tacos & feel the water lapping over our toes...

Crescent Lune Necklace KIND Jewellery
Mexico Wandering Kind

Wandered / Along the beautiful beaches of Tulum, and though the laid-back sandy streets of Isla Holbox.

Ate /  Incredible fish tacos at La Eufemia on the beach. Fresh Lobster + Ceviche on Isla Holbox.

Drank / Margheritas' at The Hot Corner, everyone dancing in the streets to live music.

Shopped / For food at the local market, to make tasty tacos at the beach for lunch.  

Soaked in / The peace of Holbox. Days of eating, drinking, sleeping, swimming & cycling. Heaven.

Mexico Wandering Kind


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Gather and see

We are lucky enough to have KIND stocked by one of our favourite ethical online fashion boutiques Gather&See. We sat down with founders Alicia & Steph to find out where it all began...

Tell us about yourselves?/

Hi! We are Steph and Alicia and we run Gather&See, an online store offering a curated selection of ethical and sustainable fashion and accessories. We met at school aged 13 and have been the best of friends ever since! After years of dreaming about opening an ethical fashion store we launched Gather&See in 2014. We are based in London where we have studio in sunny Peckham.


How did Gather & See begin and a little about your ethos and identity?/

For a long time we had been lamenting the fact that it was so hard to find ethically and sustainably produced fashion that we actually wanted to wear. In 2014 we decided to turn talking into action and launched Gather&See. The idea is to bring ethical fashion to style savvy women who still want to look great but don't want to compromise on their values. We built the brand around our 5 key philosophies - Fair Trade, Organic, Small Scale Production, Heritage and Eco Friendly. Each of the amazing brands we work with has to fit into at least two of these criteria. We started small with just a handful of brands and have now grown offering over 20 brands from around the world and selling to customers in over 25 different countries.

Steph and Alicia Gather and See


If you could open a store anywhere in the world where would it be?/

An easy one for us - our hometown of London! As an online only retailer we would love the opportunity to meet our customers face to face. London is also a constant inspiration to us.


What is your ultimate style inspiration?/

Such a hard question! I'd say we are more inspired by themes than individual people. We're inspired by everything from traditional craftsmanship to modern art, cultures to the natural environment. Its definitely a melting pot of ideas that informs our inspiration but authenticity lies at the heart of each one.


Curate your ideal summer outfit from your lovely designers/

So many to choose from! We love colour and prints for summer so Conditions Apply's Print Top and Trousers paired with some gorgeous summer espadrilles from Jutelaune and Kind's beautiful Element Hoop Earrings would make an effortless and cool outfit for summer!

gather and see


What is your mantra?/

Be the change that you wish to see in the world. A phrase that motivates us every day.


How do you feel the role of the designer has changed?/

For us designers now need to involve sustainability and ethics in their work from the very beginning of the design process. Designers have the power to make the difference now and I think they have a duty to educate themselves about sustainability.


Tell us what draw you to KIND Jewellery?/

In first case the beautiful designs! We loved the clean lines and sun and moon shapes mixed with delicate materials. Then of course the story of how each piece is handmade and so much of the collection is made using recycled metals. Beautiful design and a beautiful story - a perfect match for Gather&See. 


Which piece of KIND Jewellery best reflects your personality? Why?/

Alicia  - the Gold Soleil Pendant Necklace - I'm a bit of a sun worshipper and the warmth and light of the sun warms my soul and lifts my mood no matter what is going on. I'm also an optimist and try to see the best in things, a sunny side up type of person so to speak.

What is the most thought provoking thing your saw/heard/read in the last week/ 

It's a year this week since the murder of Jo Cox and we have been reminded of her powerful quote "We are far more united and have far more in common with each other than that which divides us."


What song(s) are you listening to on repeat at the moment/ 

The XX's new album,  I See You.  - Listen Now >>

The xx, I see you


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Wandering Kind Margate
Margate Wandering KIND
Dreamland Margate Wandering KIND
Shell Grotto Margate Wandering KIND


KIND Soul ZEE SHEPHERD escaped the city in search of sandy sandwiches & fairground rides... here are her favourite MARGATE Moments...

where we....

Wandered / Around the lanes, along the sea front and into the vintage shops and arcades. Dreamland, Shell Grotto, Mainsands beach were the highlights. 

Ate /  The best cheese toasties (whilst sheltering from the rain) at Cheesy Tiger on the harbour

Drank / Beers at Little Prince Edward (UK’s smallest pub)

Shopped / Vintage shops on Hawley Street and King Street, Paraphanalia and Etcetera Interiors were the highlights

Soaked in / some culture at The Turner Contemporary

Dreamland Margate Wandering KIND

What left its mark / Quirkiness / day out of city life / being by the sea

OUR KIND - Alice Hartley

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At the End of 2016 we managed to grab a few precious minutes with Artist Alice Hartley to discuss the current importance of artists and her recent collab with fashion designer Sophie Cull-Candy. Tonight (12th January) marks the PV of her new group show at PI Artworks (55 Eastcastle Street, London, W1W 8EG) in London. The exhibition aptly names Strike Site runs until 25th February 2017 so make sure you go and check it out. 

  Please Leave - installing Pi Artworks Show.

Please Leave -installing Pi Artworks Show.

Describe your discipline/  I’m an artist, mostly working 2 dimensional. I use a process called mono printing, it begun from impulsive and explosive drawing and painting which I adapted to screen printing.  I do this kind of experimental and instinctive painting on an uncoated surface of a silk screen and then pull through with the squeegee once, leaving the final outcome of the print open to chance and the unknown. The work occupies the space between a painting and a print, each piece being completely unique. 

I use a lot of text in my work, some of which I’ve written myself, some of which I have over heard or has been said to me; I then take it out of its context and put it by its self. The words are supposed to be fairly ambiguous and taken by the view as they like.

As well as my text pieces I make a fair amount of abstract work, I try and keep the mark as honest as possible by working quickly and instinctively, mono printing is a great way of producing this kind of work.

What is your ultimate inspiration? / Tricky one.. With my abstract work most of my inspiration comes from music, a lot of minimal and neo classical music, I like where it takes me, I can’t use words so I make the mark and go with it. It’s the pace, the breathe, the repetition, the pause.. 

I listen to a lot of Philip Glass, Dustin O’Halloran, Steve Rich, Aphex Twin, that kind of thing..  Music is definitely a huge part of my day-to-day practice.

Also recently I’ve been thinking a lot about where my art sits, what kind of environment I see it in. I’ve been looking at pictures of Cy Twombly’s apartment in Rome in the 60’s, there’s a dual between classical sculpture, beautiful ornate antiques and his bold unapologetic modern paintings that I’m completely obsessed with, there’s a beautiful balance between the ancient and historic next to his contemporary paintings, so many layers, very considered.

 Cy Towmbly's Rome Apt.

Cy Towmbly's Rome Apt.

 Sophie Cull Candy x Alice Hartley

Sophie Cull Candy x Alice Hartley

Tell us about your recent collaboration with Sophie Cull Candy and what made you want to work together. /  Sophie and I met through a mutual friend we both really liked what the other was doing, it was only a matter of time till we started talking about collaborating, it felt like it had to happen! I love her approach, he designs are bold and confident, its classic but with some risk which I love. She pretty much gave me free rein to print what I liked, we agreed on colour and some use of text and off I went. I think the collection turned out really well!

Photo Credit Sean Alexander Geraghty / Model Kelsey Lu.
  Photo Credit Sean Alexander Geraghty   Model   Kelsey Lu.

Photo Credit Sean Alexander Geraghty Model Kelsey Lu.

What do you think you have taken from the experience of working together?/  I’ve learnt a lot, how much work goes into making a collection, hats off to anybody creating their own brand, it’s a lot of work.

I think after seeing my work being adapted to a new form it has really opened my eyes to where my work could go.  I loved seeing what Sophie created with it, she gave it a new energy and executed so well.

I’m definitely want to do more collaborations in the future, whether its fashion, design or fine art, I think my work can adapt to all these places.

What's next? Who would be your dream collaboration in the future?/ I’ve got some exhibitions coming up that I’m working on right now, one of which will be another big text piece, that opens at Pi Artworks London, in January. 

And then some more coming up in spring. I’m also working on the next part of my collaboration with Sophie Cull Candy, we’re releasing some limited edition t-shirts and bags fairly soon so keep your eyes peeled!

Dream collab, hmmm maybe another band I love, I did the artwork for Slow Club’s new album earlier this year and that was a great project.

What is your mantra/ Your gut is correct.

Which piece of jewellery can you not live without?/ I don’t wear a lot of jewellery, just simple pieces, I’ll wear silver or gold hoops and my ‘A’ Facett initial necklace by Myia Bonner that close friend gave to me. I rarely wear bracelets and rings because of work but I love hoops, I’ve got an eye on the Eclipse Hoop earrings from Kind Collection, stunning!

Where is your favourite spot for a drink and a dance/ The Royal Oak on Columbia road, east london is a local of mine, I love it there, proper pub! I don’t go out dancing as much I used to but this year some friends of mine have been running this wicked night called Residency that takes place in the loft at L’Escargot on Greek Street, lots of disco, house and soul with a beautiful and extravagant décor and a great crowd.

What is the most thought provoking thing your saw/heard/read in the last week/ Its has to be in the light of the recent US election, I read this quote from American novelist Toni Morrison, and it was exactly what my gut said as soon as I heard the news. 

 “This is precisely the time when artists go to work. There is no time for despair, no place for self-pity, no need for salience, no room for fear. We speak, we write, we do language that is how civilization heals.”

We need artist more than ever right now, as soon as I heard the news I got up and went straight to the studio.

What song(s) are you listening to on repeat at the moment/ I’ve had this EP by a friend of mine on repeat, it’s called Black Bunny by Theo Alexander. It’s great music to work to, I really like where it takes me, very delicate but powerful at the same time.

I also tend to make a playlist when I begin a project to set the pace and the mood. Listen to a favourite from the end of 2016 here >>

Check out Alice's online portfolio here >

D E C O N S T R U C T E D by Style Dock

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 Words and Montage by @Style_dock.

Words and Montage by @Style_dock.

The word Normcore is said to be an amalgamation of "normal" and "hardcore" and has been widely discussed over the past two years since trend forecasting collective K-Hole presented a report "Youth Mode: A Report on Freedom" which coined the phrase and bought it into the mainstream. 

 "normcore refers to an attitude, not a particular code of dress. It was intended to mean 'finding liberation in being nothing special'."

K-Hole discusses the notion of freedom and liberation from fashion trends "being adaptable will set you free". Basically the concept is to dress as "normal" and "non-special" as possible in a type of anti-fashion movement that does not differentiate between menswear and womenswear. 

From the original concept of non fashion it has since evolved ironically into its own "boring is beautiful" unisex trend. Cast your minds back to the style of the 90's cast of Seinfeld which have been named as the muses for this trend which include everyday items of bland casual wear such as non descript t-shirts, baseball caps, sweatshirts, white trainers, plain cotton shirts, blazers, ill fitting jeans, long length wool coats, chinos and wide leg trousers and no oversized statement logos. 

Accessories that fit within this trend are simple, strong uncareful shapes made from solid clean silvers or yellow tarnished golds. KIND Jewellery's 'Hidden Orbit Hoops' in hammered yellow gold attribute perfectly to the Normcore trend and are available in 2 sizes.

Share your Pointelle look with us @style_dock / @KindCollection.

Disclaimer: Please note Style_Dock and KIND Jewellery do not own or clain credit for any of their featured imagery. The images posted are copyright and belong to their respectful owners. Please see credits below:


1.  Calvin Klein campaign 1994 model: Kate Moss photographed by Kraft Works NYC 2. Moss Bean 3. Too Good 4. /Crewneck Sweatshirt by Marni /Adella Skirt by Isabel Marant / Shopping Bag by Marni 5. Lauren Sherman, (c) Columbia TriStar Television/ Everett Collection 6. source unknown 7. W Concept 8. Local Mansion 9.  Wear Market 10. via nymag 11. & Other Stories 12. The Dreslyn  13. source unknown 14. Blue jeans in the mornin kstyle @jacintachiang 15. Lacooletchic


OUR KIND - Cake of Dreams

Our KINDTansy HaakComment

Before our European wanders we were lucky enough to catch up with cake extraordinaire and all time mega babe Francesca McConchie, Queen of the kitchen & founder of Cake of DreamsBelieveing there is nothing sadder than a souless, tasteless cake she set to create towering, cherry topped, creamy, dreamy creations that exist in your childhood imaginations. And she does it time and time again with more glitter cherries, dripping caramel, budding blooms and piped icing than you could ever have thought existed. So here's to gorging ourselves on cake and cream this winter..... and as if made of magic her creations taste just as wonderous as you would expect! 

Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 12.46.17.png
Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 12.35.04.png

Give us the low down on 'Cake of Dreams'I initially started making cakes for friends because there seemed to be a real gap in the market for cakes that looked and tasted as wonderful as I felt they should. I love birthdays and celebrations and felt like that magical childhood birthday cake element was often missing, replaced by gross supermarket sponges or a restaurant pudding with a candle in. I wanted cakes that looked like they came straight from childhood fantasies, the kind of thing you would see in a book illustration as a kid and almost taste. 

What is your background and how did you get here?/ I have always loved to cook, to bake, to host, to party. I spent my 20s in extremely dull desk jobs agonising over the fact that I had no idea what I wanted to do, or be. I just knew I wanted to do something creative, and something that would make people happier. I really fell into doing cakes by accident - I was doing them for fun/as a creative outlet for friends’ birthdays and as I got better/made more people who attended the parties started to enquire about commissioning them. Once I had two kids I realised I could make as much from doing just a few cakes as I could working my dull desk job and paying for childcare, so I took a leap of faith and the orders came flooding in straight away. Looking back it’s funny that this job totally reflects what I wanted out of a career all along. 

What is your ultimate inspiration?/ My amazing troupe of creative, supportive friends who do such an array of incredible things, and absolutely keep me going. My grandmothers for instilling a love of baking and sharing love through food. My childhood adventures across America. My children for their generosity, enthusiasm, wonder and magical imaginations. And always always music,  Bowie can cure any inspiration drought.

What is your mantra?/ Be brave. Be kind. Stay up late!

What piece of jewellery can you not live without?/ My wedding ring made for me by one of my all time best friends Christopher Thompson Royds, who fortunately for me makes the most gorgeous jewellery.  

What is the most thought provoking thing that you saw/heard/read in the last week?/ y son wrote a letter to Theresa May asking her to let the refugee children of Calais jungle come to England. - see it here >>

They know about what is going on as we have been to a couple of the marches in London. It’s so amazing to see how baffled children are by this, they immediately just want to help and for people to be happy and safe. My four year old daughter immediately said “I know, let’s take some - no, almost all - of our food at home, and put it in a box, and send it to them. And then they won’t be hungry anymore.” We go on about teaching children to share but it comes naturally to them. Getting older makes us greedy! 

What Songs do you have on repeat at the moment?/

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Rings of Saturn - Listen here >>

Kishi Bashi - Carry on Phenomenon - Listen here >>

Gabriel Bruce - Come All Sufferers - Listen here >>

To Commission a wonderland cake of your own check our the Cake of Dreams Website and for daily cake wonderfulness filling your instagram feed follow her account @cakesofdreams

D E C O N S T R U C T E D by Style_Dock

D E C O N S T R U C T E DTansy HaakComment
 words and montage by @Style_Dock for KIND JEWELLERY

words and montage by @Style_Dock for KIND JEWELLERY

Pointelle is this seasons new feminine trend with a ballet twist. Think washed down pastel colours, dull satins, frayed bows, velvets, tie and wrap detailing with soft fabrics, lightweight jersey and pointelle layers, scoop backs and lingerie details. From a far ballet dancers look appear soft and fragile but they are strong powerful athletes creating majestic shapes with their bodies and the accessories that sit within this trend should reflect this. KIND Jewellery's Choker Necklaces are an ideal choice as the soft colours and texture of the suedette throng juxtaposes the strong gold and silver handmade pendants.

Share your Pointelle look with us @style_dock / @KindCollection.

Disclaimer: Please note Style_Dock and KIND Jewellery do not own or clain credit for any of their featured imagery. The images posted are copyright and belong to their respectful owners. Please see credits below:


1. Source Unknown. 2. Xiao Wen Ju in ID Magazine Fall 2014 photograph by Angelo Pennetta. 3. Unknown. 4. Dora Larsen Lingerie 6. Pringles of scotland AW16 7. Ganni AW16    8. Source unknown 9. Battu Cover Up by Free People 10. Harry Blouse by Archive by Alexa  11. Maison Margiela Metallic Cami 12. Misty Copeland via Henry Leutwyler photography. KIND IMAGES CREDITED TO Natalie Dinham  


Wandering KINDTansy HaakComment

where we....

Wandered / Montmartre with its boutique shops, quirky bars, street art & NEVER ENDING STEPS... The view from the top is unbeatable. / The Pompidou Centre for brave Modern Art.

Ate / Salmon Tartar and Entrecote at Chez Janou near Place des Vosges followed by soulful jazz in the basement at AUX TROIS MAILLETZ in Saint Michel. / Marzipan delights from LAOUZ, Saint Michel.

Drank / Experimental cocktails, metallic gold curtains & delicious red pepper dip at super cool LE SYNDICAT.

Shopped / 'OH MY CREAM' Cosmetic shop in Montmartre / MERCI for beautiful fashion and curious interiors / KING OF POP for a rummage through everything Micheal Jackson.


Our KINDTansy HaakComment

This Thursday 15th September marks the launch of the inspiring Bedspread Zine publication at Doomed Gallery, Dalston. Creator Jennifer Lo chats to us about beds, awkward cats & believing in your self....

Describe Bedspread Zine / Bedspread is a new photography publication dedicated to the theme of beds. It explores the beauty behind the memories, ideologies and intimacies attached to beds and celebrates works by artists and photographers from across the world.

'Whether done as an act of consolation, joy or just simply an appreciation of a good-looking bed, an image of a bed can create a profound attachment to the memories and significance it holds.' 

What is your ultimate inspiration/ Francoise Hardy >>

What is your mantra/  Have faith in what you do...

Describe your working environment/  A makeshift desk facing two large windows

Which piece of jewellery can you not live without?/  I always wear my rings and gold bracelet because they remind me of my family and a good friend, whom I bought them with.

What is the most thought provoking thing your saw/heard/read in the last week/  The news is so sad these days...can I show you an awkward photo I took of a friend's cat?

What song(s) are you listening to on repeat at the moment/  This is always on my playlist - Arthur Russell - Arm Around You >>

Check out BEDSPREAD ZINE - & Follow them @bedspreadzine



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Our KIND Hanna Kastl- Lungberg

KIND tracked down mega babe and graphic super star in the making Hanna Kastl-Lungberg this week... She talks us through her colour ethos, stolen time & Beiber Fever. Her instagram feed @hanna.k.l is a must follow and her graphic palm prints are available to buy in a multitude of products from Society6 you can go wild!  

What is your background & how did you get here?/ I've been studying design for about four years now. Just general design without any specific focus. In early 2015 I realised I'm into graphic's and a few months later I started making graphic art which quickly got more popular than I could imagine. I started my own business earlier this year and I'm freelancing as a graphic designer and visual artist at the same time as I'm finishing my last year as a student to get a bachelor degree in fine arts.

Describe your design aesthetic?/ It's very colorful and I often find that my work looks like candy! I would say one part of my expression is very childish but when it comes to layout I turn to a more minimal approach. I also really enjoy making prints with plants, which is basically what I do the most. 

Describe your colour ethos/ Color makes me so so happy, so I surround myself with it as much as I can!

What is your ultimate inspiration/ The art deco district in Miami looks like an inspo dream! I also wish I could go back to late 80s/early 90s and spend some time in California! That time and place would be so perfect and I'd be inspired enough to last a life time! Everything about that era inspires me for example all the endlessly amazing patterns! I'm really influenced by colorful houses and plants that I can only have inside but are normal outside vegetation in other places.

What is your mantra/ Act cool!

Which piece of jewellery can you not live without?/ I love minimal earrings. I have 6 ear piercings and I love to fill them with different small pieces. 

What is the most thought provoking thing your saw/heard/read in the last week/ 
I've been feeling a lot recently that my time has been stolen. So I've been thinking about about how I never want to be the reason that someone else would feel the same way.

What song(s) are you listening to on repeat at the moment/
Justin Bieber is coming to Sweden soon and I'm going (I'm a huge fan and I'm super excited!!!) so I'm just listening to all of his songs over and over and over again right now. This one specifically is often on repeat at the moment >>


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OUR KIND - Copper & Solder

We have been lusting over COPPER & SOLDER's instagram feed for months and this week we were lucky enough to have a chit chat with them about how it all started!!! Their Marbled concrete and copper creations are to die for and they are also offering OUR KIND readers and KIND Followers 15% off their stunning collection until 30th September 2016!!! To redeem go to and enter code OURKIND at the checkout.

Describe your background and discipline/  I studied textiles design at university, specialising in printed fashion. It's always been my passion, but i've not yet had a career from it. It's not completely off the cards, I'd love to delve back into it - potentially in the future for Copper & Solder. I worked for a lifestyle brand straight from university, which unfortunately closed, making me redundant. This is when Copper & Solder was born.

How did COPPER & SOLDER come to be?/  Dad made us a copper table when we were living in London. It was only till I got made redundant shortly after, that I started crafting copper products myself, alone, creating a name for the brand and opening an online shop.

What is your ultimate inspiration/  My sister! We totally get each other, so it's really great to have her involved with Copper & Solder. 

What is your mantra/  Good quality coffee. Always.

Describe your working environment/  I work in two very different environments; outside where It gets very industrial, this is where I do the soldering, polishing and mixing concrete. I then have a more relaxing space where I like to fill my desk with inspirational things. I do all of the research, corking, packing + online bits here.

Which piece of jewellery can you not live without?/  I have 3 pieces of jewellery that I really couldn't live without! My Alex Monroe bumble bee necklace, a ring I made at a workshop by The Work Bench + a beautiful ring I got from sister when she asked me to be her bridesmaid.

What is the most thought provoking thing your saw/heard/read in the last week/  Last week we went camping in our little bell tent for the 5th time running. Eweleaze Farm is a working farm and open for one month of the year with the most amazing views of the jurassic coast in Dorset. We had camp fires every evening, we saw shooting stars, we watched families having a whale of a time and also fished for our dinner. It's a place where you can completely zone out, allowing you to reflect and think about what is really important in life.

What song(s) are you listening to on repeat at the moment/

MØ album - New Years Eve in particular >>

James Blake featuring Bon Iver - I Need a Forest Fire >>

First Aid Kit - The Lions Roar >> 


Our KINDTansy HaakComment

This week we tracked down Rahel Debebe-Dessalegne, one part of 'undefinable' band Hejira. Their new EP 'Name Surname' was released on Elgo Records in April and we have had the euphoric sound on repeat ever since. We talk friendship, unity & Einstein...

Describe your Sound/ Mostly our music is like an Idiosyncratic Dreamscape so we tend to struggle to place it in any specific genre. I guess thats because we've taken on many mixed guises over the years as we have many different influences from jazz, hip hop, classical, rock and RnB. If you find a way to describe our music, let me know ;-?.   Listen here >

What is your ultimate inspiration/ My band mates Sam Beste and Alex Reeve of Hejira, I love them! They inspire me in every aspect of life and art so yeah I would say the hejira boys are my ultimate inspiration. I am so lucky to have a group of friends that I can talk to for hours about music, art, literature and our life experiences and the fact that this extends to making music at the end of it all is just an added bonus, so yeah we share so much and ultimately they inspire me.  

What is your mantra/ We. are. all. one.

Describe your working environment/ I split my time in many different work spaces but The Arboretum - otherwise known as the hejira studio is one of my fave spots. It's in an unsuspected old warehouse in south london. It's small and modest and has a lot of natural light, beautiful plants, tape machines and a really old but gorgeous piano. We've made this space our own little creative box to retreat to and I love coming together with hejira to write and record in there. 

Which piece of jewellery can you not live without?/ My rings. The one of my fourth finger I picked out at a music festival last year, from a tribe of Bedouins from Mali. The tribes-man who sold it too me had the best authentic headpiece and outfit on and the selection of jewellery was incredibly beautiful. Once I picked out the ring he even offered to adjust the size so that it would fit by bashing it with some tools whilst holding it in-between his feet. (quite extraordinary but bizarre). The other ring on my index finger, my boyfriend saw that I liked it when we were in an antiques shop and he brought it for me as a surprise gift a week later. I wear very little jewellery day to day but if ever i forget my rings my fingers feel naked! I love collecting vintage silver jewellery from Ethiopia, the styles are so unique and yet to be discovered by jewellery lovers here.   

What is the most thought provoking thing your saw/heard/read in the last week/ I was trolling on Youtube as you do and ended up listening to one of those Tiny desk NPR live sessions and this young american Jazz musician Christian Scott was playing with his band (I think you'll appreciate his jewellery bling game actually). They totally blew my mind! Half way through his set he starts talking about a difficult experience he had being pulled over by some cops and confronted with racist and physical abuse. He talks about how he channeled his anger and frustration into one of his compositions and then they play it and I was moved. Music is so powerful, I love when art can poke and provoke. It meant a lot for me to see these young black kids playing their hearts out and owning what they do For me this is something that needs to be seen and shared it's so empowering and inspiring and the way Christian articulated his music really connected with me so yeah, I DIG THIS. Watch here >

Second thing was during my morning guided meditation. 5 mins in, the teacher quoted Einstein

"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle, The other is as though everything is.”

I think this quote quantifies how I've wanted to look at the world from a very young age so having someone articulate it so beautifully was like a breath of fresh air, a wonderful reminder before you kick start your day. I find it very challenging to meditate but of late I have committed to it every morning for about 3 months. It's been an incredible tool for me, sometimes it sucks, sometimes it rocks, much like life!     

What song(s) are you listening to on repeat at the moment/

Floating Points Elena >> 

PJ harvey - Let England Shake (The whole A side is on repeat on my record player) 

Alabama Shakes >>

The Invisible >>

CREDITS: Photography: Packard Stevens / Art Direction: Cleo Loxaire / Styling: Leah Jennings / Hair & Make Up: Rebekah Lidstone

Check Hejira out > / instagram: @hejira_info

D E C O N S T R U C T E D by Style_Dock

D E C O N S T R U C T E DTansy HaakComment

Style_dock will be deconstructing current trends and showing you how to style your KIND Jewellery in a fortnightly feature in collaboration with KIND. Each board hopes to inspire and influence your daily wardrobe edit.

Week one is ' T O M B O Y ', this generic trend just keeps coming back. SD's take on this trend mixes 90s athletic wear with an outdoorsy Californian vibe; think sport logos crossed with sun bleached denims and jersey tees. The accessories that sit within this trend need to be cool yet practical and not at all fussy. KIND's Silver Demi Lune Ring - SHOP NOW! is the perfect choice, its subtlety and hand hammered quality creates an androgynous aesthetic that can be worn by either sex.

Disclaimer: Please note Style_Dock and KIND do not own or claim credit for any of their featured imagery. The images posted are copyright and belong to their respectful owners. Please see credited links below:


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KIND Collaborations

KIND have Teamed up with Sarah Waldock, Founder of @Style_dock to bring you a bi-monthly style feature. The first instalment hits the blog tomorrow but for now here is a little bit about Sarah and how @Style_dock came to be....Enjoy! 

What's your background & what lead you to create style dock?/  I've worked in the fashion industry for the past 8 years as a senior shape and print designer. I have worked across multiple brands from mainline catwalk collections to well known high street brands such as Topshop and Asos, mainly specialising in jersey. Style_Dock evolved from a period when I was recovering from a serious health condition called Encephalitis and was unable to work but needed a creative outlet. 

Tell us what Style_dock is all about/ Style_Dock is a style reference website comprised of collected imagery with the purpose to inspire and celebrate women, their character and personal style.

SD's tag line is  'M O D E R N   B O H E M I A   S T Y L E   I N S P I R A T I O N'. 

 'Bohemia'  signifies the free spirit of style in which we aim to convey in the women we feature. We are drawn to women who have a sense of character and that inspire us. Age and prominence bear no importance to who and what we feature, be it a 19 yr old super model or a 90 yr old traditionally dressed Tibetan women. We feature everything from novice DIY street style imagery to highly styled editorials, High fashion Couture labels to lesser known start up brands.. its all about the styling. 

'Modern' represents our objective to convey a fresh take on current trends. SD aim to be continually moving forward by interpreting current trends in an individual way.

"Following a trend doesn't mean you need to look like everyone else"

Our intention is to create a story or narrative through the imagery that we post with minimum annotation - Who is this woman? Whats her story? I want to know her! 

What made you want to collaborate with KIND?/ KIND jewellery and their ethos sit naturally alongside Style_Dock. There is story behind each piece that has been lovingly crafted by hand for every individual. KIND's Brand is non discriminative, personal and full of character. The pieces are versatile and can sit across multiple trends and within many styles.

What is your ultimate inspiration/All the incredible, creative women in my life.

What is your mantra/ Health and fulfilment.

Describe your working environment/ Right now its a cultivated mess.

Which piece of jewellery can you not live without?/ I would have to say my engagement ring. Its a second hand coal diamond set in rose gold and surrounded by turquoise stones from an antiques shop in Texas. 

What is the most thought provoking thing your saw/heard/read in the last week/  I re-watched the film Soylent Green last week, its a science fiction thriller made in the 70s but is set 50 years in the future. Whenever I watch it I find myself thinking about it for weeks afterwards. 

What song(s) are you listening to on repeat at the moment/ I'm getting married in two weeks so we've been putting together the playlist this week and going though all our favourite songs. 

These are my absolute must haves on any playlist/

Desmond Dekker & The Aces - "Israelites" - Listen here >

Down in Mexico by The Coasters - Listen here >

Outlaw Blues - Queens of The Stone Age - Listen here >


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We have serious imagination envy when it comes to Jennifer C Campbell and her sculptural paintings. KIND caught up with the artist this week to talk about her work and influences. This weekend is your last chance to see Jenny's work exhibited in 'Miami Vice' at Transition Gallery (near Broadway Market). Open Friday 29th July and Saturday 30th July 12-6pm.

Describe your discipline/ My paintings are slithers of substance. Their crude structures provide a resistance to gravity. The works remain flat but physical and the exterior world infiltrates their territory. They use colour to prevent themselves from spilling into dispersion. As a group they map a restless persona, showing off and shape shifting. 

What is your ultimate inspiration/ Drawing is always the starting point. To draw a thing is to absorb it and own it. The task is endless, like shopping. Each time i draw an object, i make a temporary bridge, between my self and my landscape. My paintings are drawings that have been bulked out. Paint is like stage make-up. Paint is gaudy icing on a bland cake. 

What is your mantra/ Colour and line, colour and line, colour and line, redefine.

Describe your working environment/ I have all my drawings pinned up on the wall, so that i can keep my eye on them. And then one drawing finds its moment to jump out at me, it is temporarily THE ONE, the starting point for a transformation into a more physical and painterly existence.  I have an array of materials to hand, as well as paints of difference colours and textures, mixed and stored in jam jars.

Which piece of jewellery can you not live without?/  I found a plastic tube bracelet in the park last week, it has rainbow fluid and glitter inside of it, it is my current gem of choice. 

What is the most thought provoking thing your saw/heard/read in the last week/ I am currently reading 'The Edible Woman' By Margaret Atwood, it is excellent.

What song(s) are you listening to on repeat at the moment/ I have been humming invented tunes, made up of fragments of well known pop songs, whilst cycling around London. 


Wandering KINDTansy Haak
Wandering Kind

where we....

Wandered / The streets exploring the old town and hidden passages.

Ate / Time out Market / Oysters & Salmon Tar Tar with Crushed Wasabi Peas / Padron Peppers EVERYWHERE.

Drank / Caipirinhas at Brownie Bar/ Summer Sangria with red berries at the Time out Market / Vinho Verde - dirt cheap and delicious from the supermercado.

Danced / To 90's Classics in a concrete jungle at Park Bar

What left its mark / The cloudless blue sky / The delicious seafood / The buzzing atmosphere.


KIND CollaborationsTansy Haak

(photographed by @nataliedinham and styled by @harrietgoddard) 

Olivia Aspinall is a UK based surface designer with a wicked eye for colour and creating Jesmonite surfaces that look good enough to eat! SERIOUSLY!

We collaborated with Olivia whilst shooting our debut collection and caught up with her to find out what makes her tick. 

Describe your work/ I describe myself as surface designer. I created hand-crafted surfaces with a focus on colour and pattern.  Currently most of my work is made from a material called Jesmonite, which is a casting material. I create moulds, cast surfaces and then sand these back to reveal the design.

What one thing can you not start your day without/ A cup of tea.

Describe your work environment/ My studio has two halves. One space that I try to keep tidy, for research, inspiration and sending emails. The other half is a workshop, where all the messier work happens. Mixing colours, creating samples, building new works etc.

What most inspires you/ I take a very hand on approach to designing. I learn through doing and making, so I think I get most inspired when I am using new materials or exploring new techniques.

What is the most thought provoking thing your saw/heard/read in the last week/ Sea of Hull by Spencer Tunick. Lots of naked people painted blue in celebration of the sea! A welcome distraction from all the more serious news we are currently hearing. See it here >

What song(s) are you listening to on repeat at the moment/ I am currently obsessed with Christine and the Queens album Chaleur Humaine. I love her dancing. Watch here >

Check out Olivia's website and follow her on instagram @olivia_aspinall.