Gold Stella Polaris Necklace

Gold Stella Polaris Necklace

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The Stella Polaris Necklace, is designed to represent the North Star and inspired by the traditional St. Christopher Discs which offer protect to all you travellering souls - The Stella Polaris will point you in the right direction.

The classic handmade design features a simple disc with a cut out star design and is made from 100% Recycled 9ct Gold. The disc sits within a fine chain made from fair-trade gold.

The disc has one smooth side and a hammered flip side.

Chain Length:
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- Material/  9ct Yellow Gold

- Disc / diameter 11mm

- Chain/ Fair-trade gold chain 40cm / 45cm /50cm

- Reversible design/ hammered / polished.

- Handmade in London.

- All designs are delivered in a KIND ECO Friendly jewellery box, making them a great gift! 

- Delivery time 2-5 days.