(photographed by @nataliedinham and styled by @harrietgoddard) 

Olivia Aspinall is a UK based surface designer with a wicked eye for colour and creating Jesmonite surfaces that look good enough to eat! SERIOUSLY!

We collaborated with Olivia whilst shooting our debut collection and caught up with her to find out what makes her tick. 

Describe your work/ I describe myself as surface designer. I created hand-crafted surfaces with a focus on colour and pattern.  Currently most of my work is made from a material called Jesmonite, which is a casting material. I create moulds, cast surfaces and then sand these back to reveal the design.

What one thing can you not start your day without/ A cup of tea.

Describe your work environment/ My studio has two halves. One space that I try to keep tidy, for research, inspiration and sending emails. The other half is a workshop, where all the messier work happens. Mixing colours, creating samples, building new works etc.

What most inspires you/ I take a very hand on approach to designing. I learn through doing and making, so I think I get most inspired when I am using new materials or exploring new techniques.

What is the most thought provoking thing your saw/heard/read in the last week/ Sea of Hull by Spencer Tunick. Lots of naked people painted blue in celebration of the sea! A welcome distraction from all the more serious news we are currently hearing. See it here >

What song(s) are you listening to on repeat at the moment/ I am currently obsessed with Christine and the Queens album Chaleur Humaine. I love her dancing. Watch here >

Check out Olivia's website and follow her on instagram @olivia_aspinall.