Kind Work Bench

'Sustainability is at the forefront of KIND Jewellerys ethos, and as we grow so will our commitment to producing ethically & environmentially sound fine jewellery'.

The Idea

The debut collection from KIND Jewellery has effortless simplicity at it's heart. The brand was conceived by Artist / Designer Tansy Haak after a wild, wandering adventure through Europe, India & Sri Lanka. The idea was to create a line of jewellery for ALL KIND. 

KIND Jewellery takes inspiration from European style and Asian spirituality & landscape. The 6 signature pendant designs offer a clean organic look. Each one is a reflection of the world that surrounds us - 3 moon phases, the sun, temple & elements.

100% Handmade

The making process is at our core and the handmade nature of KIND Jewellery throws perfection out of the window. We believe that the markings and imperfections left from the initial make, casting process and hand finishing help to define each piece and make it unique. The KIND ethos is environmentally conscious with a focus towards using quality, responsibly sourced materials.

We support UK industry by working closely with a handful of London specialists, making KIND's debut collection 100% handmade in London. 


Here at KIND, beautiful things and creative beings are what make us tick and with this in mind we actively seek out collaborations with like minded souls. From makers to photographers, writers to singers we are always on the look out for people to share skill sets with to create something epic! You can read about some of our most recent collaborations in our journal

If you are interested in working on a project with us here at KIND then get in touch with us via our contacts page to start a conversation.