OUR KIND - Farah Orths


You can’t help but feel inspired by Farah Orths and her free movement dance practice which is taking the world by storm. We caught up with her to hear about her journey to self respect, having everything she needs & why dancing really is the best medicine!!

-        Tell us a bit about yourself and what makes you tick? 

 Hmmm I always find it hard to define myself! I think I will always be in the process of figuring out who I am, I don’t ever want to stop, but what makes me tick I can answer. Self-discovery is something that lights me up! One of the ways I show up in this world is as a Self-Love and Spiritual development blogger and coach, so I speak about how we can enquire into who we are as women, how we can shed parts of us that were handed to us through society, and how to connect back to our deepest self and set ourselves free. When we shed what is not ours, we remember our immense power, we remember that we can re-write any story about ourselves or our lives, so my journey has been one of re-writing over and over and getting closer to my true self every time. 

 I care deeply about connecting back to ourselves so that we in turn connect to this family of humans and animals in a kinder more compassionate way and so that we return to Mama Earth in order to realise how connected every single thing in this world is. 


-         We are big fans of your dance movement and the positivity it promotes, can you tell us a little bit more about it and how it enhances your life as a whole?

 Thank you! So I always wanted to dance when I was younger, but never had the courage to dance outside of my own bedroom so this whole dance movement actually started as me reclaiming a part of me that I’d abandoned as a child! The dance movement started with me sharing snippets of me intuitively dancing at home on my Instagram Blog, and doing a 30 day dance challenge where I’d dance for 3 minutes in my pyjamas to start the day and people seemed to really resonate with it. So many people joined in!

I think dancing in this day and age is only ever seen in nightclubs or if you’re a professional dancer. Dancing itself is so healing and freeing and is a real source of PLAY! Which I think most of us don’t do enough of. People all over the world have started dancing every morning for 3 minutes and the results have been so beautiful to see. Feeling like you can dance on your own without needing an audience or needing friends around is so liberating… I truly think dancing is medicine, letting your body move however it wants to is freedom, and when I dance I dance with life! It’s also a practice of honouring wherever I am at and still showing up to dance with it. 


-         How can people get involved?

 JUST DANCE! If there is even a tiny whisper within you calling you to do this and dance… follow that call! It will feel awkward at first, that’s part of the journey, but keep showing up to yourself every day. When I look back at how stiff and in my mind I was when I first started, to where I am now, it’s remarkable to see the difference. Trust yourself and start by even just moving one hand in a flowy intuitive way, then your arm, then get your hips involved going in circles or letting them move the way they want to. Give your body permission to move how it wants to move. No judgement. It’s like a moving meditation, it’s not about how many times you get awkward or get lost in judgement, it’s about how many times you can come BACK into trusting yourself and choosing to keep going. Some days it might look like just lying on the ground for the duration of the song.. Other days it might look like jumping around your living room in ecstasy! 


-        What are the song do you have on repeat and can't help but get you moving?

 I have a playlist on Spotify called ‘Sweet Soul Dance’ that always makes me want to get up and express what I’m feeling through dance. They’re such moving soulful songs… Here’s a link! 


-        You promote self love & power. What regular practices do to have to channel your inner goddess and what is your ultimate inspiration?

I hardly every do anything regularly! I’m more of a go with what I’m feeling on the day kind of woman, but some practices which I always come back to is intuitive dancing (ofcourse), practicing Yoga, Meditating and observing my Self-Talk and seeing how I can be kinder within the relationship to self. My ultimate inspiration is my true self, I don’t think there’s much point focusing on someone else as an ultimate inspiration because all of our journeys are so so different so the only person I want to be striving to become is a freer more empowered version of myself.  


-        What Mantra do you live by?

 I have so many mantras haha they change depending on where I am at. One that transformed the last year for me was ‘I have everything I need.’ 


-        Which piece of KIND Jewellery speaks to you the most and how do you style it?

Definitely the Mini Crescent Lune Disc Hoops! I’m in love with the Moon and really honour her power, so anything that makes me feel like I’m wearing a little part of the moon makes me feel so powerful and centered.


-        Finding ways to live more consciously as a consumer can become a little overwhelming. What are your top tips for making sustainable changes in your shopping habits?

Say no to plastic bags. Even if you have to literally carry 20 shopping items in your hands and you might look silly, do it! I do it all the time and don’t care about what it looks like anymore. Of course swapping out any items of plastic in your household for a sustainable version is also so important. Other than that I actually think moving away from fast fashion is a big one, so I try and use the mantra ‘I have everything I need’ when I see an ad telling me ‘The latest trends are in….” and come back to appreciating what I do have and shopping at independent sustainable labels instead. 


-        This Year we are asking people to take a little time to BE KIND to themselves. What is your most self indulgent piece of self care? 

My most self indulgent piece of self care is giving myself permission to just BE. I think because I’m constantly working on myself and questioning how I can go deeper etc. I forget to just be where I am and allow things not to be perfect or allow myself to have triggers and not have everything worked out. So yes. Just being here as I am and knowing I am enough just as I am feels so beautifully indulgent!