KIND Collaborations

KIND have Teamed up with Sarah Waldock, Founder of @Style_dock to bring you a bi-monthly style feature. The first instalment hits the blog tomorrow but for now here is a little bit about Sarah and how @Style_dock came to be....Enjoy! 

What's your background & what lead you to create style dock?/  I've worked in the fashion industry for the past 8 years as a senior shape and print designer. I have worked across multiple brands from mainline catwalk collections to well known high street brands such as Topshop and Asos, mainly specialising in jersey. Style_Dock evolved from a period when I was recovering from a serious health condition called Encephalitis and was unable to work but needed a creative outlet. 

Tell us what Style_dock is all about/ Style_Dock is a style reference website comprised of collected imagery with the purpose to inspire and celebrate women, their character and personal style.

SD's tag line is  'M O D E R N   B O H E M I A   S T Y L E   I N S P I R A T I O N'. 

 'Bohemia'  signifies the free spirit of style in which we aim to convey in the women we feature. We are drawn to women who have a sense of character and that inspire us. Age and prominence bear no importance to who and what we feature, be it a 19 yr old super model or a 90 yr old traditionally dressed Tibetan women. We feature everything from novice DIY street style imagery to highly styled editorials, High fashion Couture labels to lesser known start up brands.. its all about the styling. 

'Modern' represents our objective to convey a fresh take on current trends. SD aim to be continually moving forward by interpreting current trends in an individual way.

"Following a trend doesn't mean you need to look like everyone else"

Our intention is to create a story or narrative through the imagery that we post with minimum annotation - Who is this woman? Whats her story? I want to know her! 

What made you want to collaborate with KIND?/ KIND jewellery and their ethos sit naturally alongside Style_Dock. There is story behind each piece that has been lovingly crafted by hand for every individual. KIND's Brand is non discriminative, personal and full of character. The pieces are versatile and can sit across multiple trends and within many styles.

What is your ultimate inspiration/All the incredible, creative women in my life.

What is your mantra/ Health and fulfilment.

Describe your working environment/ Right now its a cultivated mess.

Which piece of jewellery can you not live without?/ I would have to say my engagement ring. Its a second hand coal diamond set in rose gold and surrounded by turquoise stones from an antiques shop in Texas. 

What is the most thought provoking thing your saw/heard/read in the last week/  I re-watched the film Soylent Green last week, its a science fiction thriller made in the 70s but is set 50 years in the future. Whenever I watch it I find myself thinking about it for weeks afterwards. 

What song(s) are you listening to on repeat at the moment/ I'm getting married in two weeks so we've been putting together the playlist this week and going though all our favourite songs. 

These are my absolute must haves on any playlist/

Desmond Dekker & The Aces - "Israelites" - Listen here >

Down in Mexico by The Coasters - Listen here >

Outlaw Blues - Queens of The Stone Age - Listen here >