Silver/ Sterling Silver is the most commonly used silver and is made up from 92.5% of silver mixed with 7.5% of a differing metal (often copper).  

9ct Yellow Gold & 9ct Rose Gold/ Gold is a mineral and it's purity is identified using Carats. Carat refers to the proportion of pure gold mixed with another metal alloy to make up the final metal. 9ct Gold has 37.5% gold in the final metal.

Eco Gold & Silver

Eco Gold & Silver is 100% Recycled metal. We love that materials such as Gold & Silver can be so wonderfully recycled. What was once cherished by one one person can be melted down and redesigned into a beautiful new piece for another person. It also reduces our contribution to mines around the world which negatively impact on the world and its population. 

Fairtrade Gold

As a Fair-trade registered Jeweller, Tansy Haak, uses certified Fair-trade gold Chains for the necklaces and bracelets in the new collection along side her wedding ring collection.. Supporting Fair-trade certified mines means we can work together to improve the working conditions and environmental practices of mines around the world. These small artisanal minds create job opportunities for local communities and pour money into education projects which will improve the lives of future generations. Pretty cool hey! 


Caring for your Jewellery

- We recommend that you store your jewellery in separate pouches to avoid the pieces scratching each other. 

- Store your jewellery in a dry place as any moisture and can cause tarnishing. 

- Always remove your jewellery before showering / bathing and don't leave it in a damp bathroom. 

- Avoid using any harsh chemicals whilst wearing your jewellery.

- Perfumes and Moisturisers can erode and tarnish the surface of your jewellery so it is always best to remove it before you do either.

- To clean your Silver & Gold Jewellery simply use warm water or carbonated water mixed with a small amount of washing up liquid. Leave your jewellery to soak in the mild solution for 15 minutes and then use a soft toothed tooth brush to clean the surface. Rinse the jewellery off using tap water and wipe dry with a soft towel or cloth.

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