Ethical Practice

As our name suggests we consider ourselves a KIND brand. We are passionate about creating and making beautiful pieces of jewellery but not at the cost of our planet or the people we share it with. This means we are constantly aiming to minimise the impact of our actions, both in and out of the studio. We also hope to be a positive contribution to both the fashion & design world and our wider community as a whole. That said, we also understand that we aren’t perfect (who is?) and there is always room for improvement. We are a young brand, finding our way around the industry and are always open to new ideas and ways of working. Ethics and sustainibility are at the core of the KIND ethos, it’s an ongoing conversation and a movement that we want to be a part of. We want to offer transparency to our customers and are always happy to answer any questions you have. Here is a little bit about how we operate and as we grow and evolve so will this list… We believe that is the true path to sustainable change!

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In the Studio

All Pieces of KIND Jewellery are handmade in London by Tansy Haak making them 100% sweat shop free.

We aim to make quality pieces of fine jewellery which are built to last and offer a free repair service for damaged items.

We source certified 100% Recycled Gold & Silver and support Fair-tade Gold when making our products.

Any Components which we can not source in certified 100% recycled metal we source from accredited Hatton Garden Suppliers who are regularly audited by the Responsible Jewellers Council. This means that any newly mined gold or silver used has to come from mines which adhere to standards regarding human rights, environmental impact and working practices.  

We use Vegan Polishing Products and Non-toxic (food grade) pickle to remove oxidisation after soldering.

We recycle every last scrap of metal whilst making new pieces. 

We use Loo Paper from Who Gives a Crap - Made with 100% forest friendly bamboo, No inks, dyes or scents AND they donate 50% of profits to build toilets around the world! It’s a no brainer really!


As a Brand

Aiming for ‘zero waste’ means we reclaim, recycle & re-purpose wherever possible.

We 'stand up for trees' by off setting our Carbon footprint via The Woodland Trust - Our support means they can plant trees that reduce our carbon footprint, mitigating the emissions we create by making our collections & shipping our orders.

Our packaging and promotional material are recycled and recyclable and we avoid any unnecessary printing by emailing invoices rather than including them in orders.

We believe in a share economy and collaborate with awesome Artists and Designers to create KIND Tee's which are sold via our website with 100% of profits going to our chosen charity. ***COMING SOON***

We support ‘Crisis at Christmas’ each year by donating to their campaign which helps to fund ‘15 Crisis at Christmas centres, which provide people with food, healthcare and advice on housing and employment.

 We have built long lasting relationships with our family run, London based, suppliers to support our economy & community.


We are always looking for more ways to minimise the impact our practices have on the planet we call home and the people we share it with. If you have any further suggestions for us please get in touch.